Galveston, TX Fatal Highway Accident, Feb 1946


A Sunday drive in a borrowed automobile resulted in death for two Texas City women and injuries to six other persons in a collision on Highway 75 near the causeway at 11:45 o'clock yesterday morning.
Those killed were MRS. LOUELLA BURNETTE, 35, driver of the borrowed machine and her companion, MISS MARY LUCILLE PAYNE, 24. Sheriff Frank L. Blaggne said both women died instantly in the crash.
Those injured, all occupants of the second machine involved in the collision, are:
ADOLPH E. SCHUTZE, 61, of Austin, driver of the second car, who suffered a broken nose, crushed chest and lacerations.
MRS. ADOLPH E. SCHUTZE, 50, skull injury a deep laceration on her head which required 30 stitches to close and internal injuries.
MRS. WILLIAM W. McLEAN, 25, of Texas City, daughter of MR. and MRS. SCHUTZE, broken right jaw, dislocated right shoulder and lacerations.
WILLIAM W. McLEAN, 28, of Texas City, broken right leg above the ankle, a head laceration which required ten stitches to close and body lacerations.
WILLIAM McLEAN, 3 years old, facial and body lacerations and a dislocated right shoulder.
KAREN McLEAN, 1 year old, lacerated cheek and head injury.
Sheriff Blaggne said those injured were considered to be in serious conditions but their recovery is probable. All are patients at the John Sealy Hospital where they were taken in Malloy & Son and J. Levy & Bro. ambulances.
The crash occurred only 100 feet west of the scene of a collision last Wednesday in which Oliver D. Towery of Texas City was killed and Jack B. Howell of La Marque was critically injured.
Sheriff Blaggne said MRS. BURNETTE was driving toward Texas City and that the machine driven by MR. SCHUTZE was headed toward Galveston. MRS. BURNETTE'S machine struck the narrow concrete curbing separating the highway lanes, was tossed into the air and landed on top of the other machine he said. Traffic on the highway was heavy at the time. Both cars were demolished. The top was sheared from the machine occupied by the two women. Both cars were sedans. The car driven by MRS. BURNETTE, a 1946 model which had been driven only 888 miles, was registered in the name of J. Wade of Houston, the sheriff said.
The two victims both suffered broken necks and numerous other bone fractures, the sheriff reported.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1946-02-18