El Paso, TX Bus And Train Collision, Oct 1946

aaaa El Paso Crash

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Here is a list of 29 persons who were less seriously injured in today's bus and train crash. Ten others were seriously hurt. The following were treated for cuts and bruises and released.
At Hotel Dieu:
LEROY LYONS, of 3509 Monroe Avenue.
BETTY TAYLOR, 21, of 3008 Fort Boulevard. Transferred from City County Hospital.
JAMES W. PIERCE, 23, of 3016 Louisville Street.
PATTY CRUMBLISS, of 315 East Franklin Street.
MANUEL HURTADO, of 907 Park Street.
SAMUEL HAYNE, of Juarez.
RUBEN ROSALES, of 922 East Seventh Street.
GLENN ULUM, of 1000 East San Antonio Street.
RODOLFO ANCHENDO, of 813 1/2 South Kansas Street.
TOM W. BULLINGTON, of 2704 Wheeling Street.
RICARDO ZUBIATE, of 917 1/2 Park Street.
RODOLFU VALDIZ, of 1096 East Missouri Street.
ANTONIO GUERERA, of 62 Boone Avenue.
MARTHA TRUJILLO, of 212 South El Paso Street.
CHARLES D. LEVERETT, of 4117 Clifton Street.
JOHN MILLER, of 1722 Reynolds Boulevard.
JESUS RODRIGUEZ, of 1515 East First Street.
JOHN RIGGS, of Clint.
PATRICIA LOYA, of 1908 Magoffin Avenue.
VICTOR KORYCLASKI, of 311 West Franklin Street.
MARIA HOLGUIN, of 610 Park Street.
JAIME TORRES, of 915 South St. Vrain Street.

At City-County Hospital.
ANDREAS LOPEZ, 18, of Juarez.
GUILLERMO JARADO, 17, of 3000 Rivera Street.
JOSE A GUILAR, 18, of 1115 East Seventh Street.
ERNEST A. LARA, 24, of 2912 Magoffin Avenue.
MIKE MIRANDA, 19, of 920 East Second Street.

Two injured persons were taken from the train to Southwestern General Hospital. They were:
MRS. ELIZABETH BRETHAUER, of Los Angeles; minor shoulder injuries.
MRS. TREASURE CARTER, of Dallas; minor chest injuries.

El Paso Herald Post Texas 1946-10-07