El Paso, TX Bus And Train Collision, Oct 1946

aaaa El Paso Crash



Two persons were killed and 39 injured, 10 seriously, when the westbound Texas & Pacific railway's Sunshine Special crashed into a crowded El Paso City Lines bus early today.
The accident occurred at 7:43 a.m. at North Oregon and Main Streets. The bus, carrying 54 passengers, had just left San Jacinto Plaza en route to the College of Mines.
The Dead:
GONZALO CARLOS, JR., 20, of 912 1/2 South Ochoa Street, formerly of the Merchant Marine.
JESUSITA GAMBOA, about 50, of 510 South Campbell Street.
Seriously Injured:
JOYCE LEWIS, 21, of 210 West San Antonio Street, College of Mines sophomore, head and leg injuries. She was reported in a serious condition at Providence Hospital.
MELLIE WILLIAMS, 44, of 4307 Manzana Street, Negro, whose condition was reported serious at Hotel Dieu. She received chest and leg injuries.
JESUS CASTILLO, 43, of 1000 South Virginia Street, internal injuries.
FELIX AGUINO, broken leg and internal injuries.
ANTONIO BELTRAN, 27, of 515 Park Street, possible skull fracture.
RAUL MARTINEZ, JR., 18, of 410 East Third Street, internal injuries.
JESSE LOPEZ, 22, of 711 South Campbell Street, leg injuries.
HUMBERTO BERUMEN, 21, of 720 South Stanton Street, internal injuries.
ROGELIO PAEZ, 15, of 1011 East Ninth Street, fractured skull and internal injuries.
CHESTER BERRYHILL, 19, of 3315 Monroe Avenue, internal injuries.
The other bus passengers were either injured or shaken. A dozen ambulances took the injured to Hotel Dieu, City-County and Providence Hospitals.
Two train passengers were injured, though not seriously.

60 Passengers in Bus.
HERBERT SOLIA of 3517 Frutas Street, driver of the City Lines bus, said 60 passengers were in the bus. Some were standing and obscured his vision, he said.
"I made a routine stop," SOLIS said.
"I didn't see anything. The crossing light turned red just as I started across, but I'd already started and kept going."
The 13-car passenger train plowed into the rear of the bus, badly damaging it.

Didn't See Bus.
J. Y. STARKUY of the Lower Valley, engineer on the Sunshine Special, said he was going about 12 to 15 miles an hour. He said he didn't see the bus. Fireman M. S. Hault said he saw the tail end of the bus just before the crash.
Hundreds of El Pasoans gathered at the scene of the wreck.
Private First Class Charles M. Cooke of the 84th Anti-Aircraft Battalion at Ft. Bliss, was one of the first to reach the wreck. He pulled JOYCE LEWIS from the bus, stopped an automobile and rushed her to Providence Hospital.

Heard The Crash.
Cooke said he was standing at the bus loading area in San Jacinto Plaza, heard the crash and rushed to the scene. He had to jump through stalled railroad cars to reach the bus.
"It was a shambles," he said. "Boys and girls were picking themselves up off the floor, crying and shouting for help."
"This girl I found had fallen almost out the bus door."
The train engine struck the bus almost in the right center and knocked it 53 feet. The bus lacked 14 feet of clearing the crossing when the engine hit it.