Alvord, TX Plane Crash Kills Three, Apr 1930


Alvord, Tex., April 27 (AP) - An airplane crash during a storm five miles northwest of here cost the lives of JAMES H. KELLY, 25, of endurance flight fame, and two companions last night. KELLY and G. W. MENNIS, SR., 50, an oil operator, both of Fort Worth, Texas, were killed almost instantly and C. F. WILLIAMS, 49, of Tonkawa, Okla., died in a Fort Worth Hospital today.
G. C. ROSS, Oklahoma City oil operator, the fourth occupant of the plane, was injured seriously.
With R. L. "Reg" Robbins, KELLY set a new world's endurance flight record at Fort Worth in May, 1929, by keeping aloft their Monoplane
"Fort Worth" more than 172 hours. The mark since has been bettered.
KELLY and his three companions were en route from Oklahoma City to Fort Worth when the plane ran into the storm and crashed from a low altitude.
William G. Fuller, manager of the municipal airport at Fort Worth, visited the scene of the crash today and inspected the wreckage. He expressed the belief that the motor of the plane had "gone dead" and that KELLY, who was at the controls, was attempting a dead-stick landing.
"A heavy thunder shower struck the ship," ROSS said. "There was a great deal of lightning and the rain poured down in sheets. Suddenly the motor began to sputter. Then came a blinding rain and the motor quit. The ship seemed to lurch and dive, toward the ground."
After the crash ROSS walked to a farm house and summoned aid.

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