Earth, TX Two Car Collision, Oct 1947



(Special To The Avalanche)
Littlefield, Oct. 15. - One person was killed and four others injured in a grinding highway crash four miles north of Earth about 10 o'clock tonight.
MRS. JACK SHRUM, of Earth, about 21 years old, died on the way to the South Plains Co-Operative Hospital at Amherst, after the terrific crash of a car in which she was riding with her husband and 4-year-old daughter and that of another automobile.

Funeral Plans Incomplete.
JACK SHRUM, her husband, and the daughter, were treated for minor injuries at the South Plains Co-Operative Hospital in Amherst and released, hospital attendants said.
MRS. SHRUM'S body was taken to Payne Funeral home in Amherst. No arrangements or other survivors were available at midnight, it was said.

Two In Hospital.
Also injured and taken to Payne-Shotwell Hospital in Littlefield, was E. C. NORTHRUP, 43, who suffered lacerations of the hand, and head injuries. His condition was not considered critical late tonight.
MRS. NORTHRUP, 20, suffered bruises. Her condition was reported as fair by hospital attendants. The NORTHRUPS were said to live on a farm operated by Fred Scheaffer northeast of Earth.
Sheriff Hugh Rice of Lamb County, investigated the accident and gave the following account of the tragedy:

Cars Heavily Damaged.
The SHRUMS were said to have been travelling north in a late model Packard, going from Earth, when they were in collision with a Chevrolet car being driven by a member of the NORTHRUP family from a side road onto the highway.
Sheriff Rice said that the heavier car plowed into the center side of the car driving onto the highway and both machines left the highway. It was believed that NORTHRUP was driving west.
Both machines were heavily damaged as the impact threw both cars off the highway.
L. R. Torpley of Earth was one of the first to pass the scene and loaded MR. and MRS. SHRUM and their daughter into his car to take them to the hospital at Amherst. MRS. SHRUM died on the way. Hospital attendants said she suffered head and chest injuries.
The SHRUMS were operators of a café in Earth.
Sheriff Rice said, preliminary examination indicated that the accident was unavoidable.

Lubbock Morning Avalanche Texas 1947-10-16