El Paso, TX Boy Run over by a Brewery Wagon, Oct 1900

The Horses were Hitched But Broke Away, and Fearfully Mangled the Child.

The horses attached to one of the Pabst brewery wagons ran away yesterday afternoon and dragged the heavy vehicle over a boy playing in the street, injuring him so badly that he died this morning.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Third and Stanton streets at about 3:30 o'clock yesterday and the horses were coming north after breaking loose from the hitching post further south on Stanton street where they had been hitched.

As is not unusual in that section of Chihuahuita the street was more or less crowded with people in utter disregard of their danger from passing vehicles and the boy was among them.

The others escaped but he was knocked down by the horses and fell in such position that the wheels passed between his legs and diagonally across the right side of his stomach, inflicting terrible injury from which he died fifteen hours later after enduring terrible agony.

The victim, Ramon Alvillar, was but seven years of age and the son of a laborer whose home is in the vicinity. The little fellow was picked up and carried to a neighboring house where Dr. J. A. Samaniego, whose drugstore is close by, attended him.

Everything possible was done for the little sufferer, but the physician realized from the first that the case was hopeless as the heavy wagon wheels had mutilated the boy's frame beyond repair.

Just what caused the horses to run could not be ascertained. When they started their driver was in the saloon attending to his duties with one of his customers. The animals did not stop until near the city police station. The wagon belonged to Henry Pfaff, who is Pabst's agent in this city.

El Paso Daily Herald (El Paso, Texas)
Vol. 20th Year, No. 236, Ed. 1 Wednesday, October 17, 1900
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