Dallas, TX Three Youths Drown in White Rock Lake, May 1929

Two of the Boys that Drowned, Roy Groves & Clifford Hall, May 1929

Search Is General.

Searchers for the youths reported themselves handicapped because of lack of knowledge as to where they might most likely be found. Watson was unable to tell in which direction they had swum.  Then, too, the high wind had caused the boat to drift to such a distance that it was difficult to locate the exact spot that it capsized.

Fire Chief J. T. Coffman, Deputy Chief Wirt Wolff, Deputy Sheriffs Jack Davis and Charles Nelson, City Detectives Bob Abbott and Ernest Bell and employes of the Dallas Power and Light company were among those who went to the lake to aid in the search.

Searchers said there is a bare chance that at least some of the trio may have reached some dark recess of the lake shore in an exhausted condition. However, little faith was held in this hope.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 28 May 1929


Three Bodies Are Recovered at White Rock

Youths Drown Monday Night Found After 18-Hour Search.

Pier Gives Way

Police and Fire Departments Join in Rescue


Bodies of the three youths who drowned in White Rock Lake Monday night were recovered Tuesday afternoon after searching parties and hundreds of Dallas County persons had spent more than eighteen hours in the search.

The first body recovered was that of Clifford B. Hall, 19, of Wylie, Collin County. This was about 1:15 p.m. Later the body of Albert McGuire, 17, of Clear Lake, Collin County, was brought to the surface.

Then the body of Roy Groves, 19, was recovered about 2:15.  A pair of boots Groves had been wearing were missing. Groves' trousers had been found in the water earlier in the day.

Those in the boat which brought up the first body were J. R. Higgins, fireman at station 16; H. C. Durham, fireman at station 17, and Fred Myers, 903 South Beacon.

Pier Dumps 50 Watchers.

While hundreds of persons were aiding in the search about 9 a.m., a pier collapsed, throwing about fifty persons into the water. None was hurt seriously.

Relatives who assisted in the search throughout the night took charge of the bodies, which were taken to Wylie.

Near Scene of Tragedy.

All of the bodies were found within 100 yards of the place where the small boat in which the youths had been fishing turned over and sank.

Guy Watson, 17, of 2016 North St. Paul street, who was with the three boys when the boat capsized, was rescued about half and hour after the accident by Fred Slater, 210 North Windomere avenue, who had heard the cries.  Watson had been clinging to the overturned boat.

Watson returned to White Rock Tuesday morning and assisted in the search.