Dallas, TX Three Youths Drown in White Rock Lake, May 1929

Two of the Boys that Drowned, Roy Groves & Clifford Hall, May 1929

Three Youths Missing After Boat Capsizes In White Rock Lake

Supplied with searchlights and grab [sic] hooks, searching parties in motor boats at 2 o'clock this (Tuesday) morning were dragging White Rock Lake in search of bodies of three youths who are believed to have drowned when a sheet metal rowboat, in which four were riding, capsized at 10 o'clock Monday night.

Those missing are:

CLIFFORD HALL, 19, residing near Richardson, Dallas County

ROY GROSS [sic], 10, [sic] of Wylie, Collin County.

ALBERT McGUIRE, 17, of 2016 North St. Paul street, a student at Dallas Technical High School, was rescued as he clung to the overturned rowboat after his cries for help were heard from the shore.

"We had started out to run a trotline," the rescued youth said, "and the boat just turned over. I don't know much about what happened then.  The last I heard from the other boys they said they were going to swim to shore."

Watson Almost Exhausted.

They were in about thirty feet of water when the boat capsized, it was said, about 300 yards south from Big Thicket, which is located at the northern end of the lake.  The rescue of Watson was a quarter mile east of the boathouse belonging to Fred Slater, 210 North Windomere street, and which is located at the northwest edge of the lake, about seventy-five yards south of the intersection of Mocking Bird Lane and the lake road.

Guy Watson was rescued by Mr. Slater who heard his cries from the shore and went to his aid.  Earl Hart, guard at White Rock Lake, who joined Mr. Slater in the rescue mission, retrieved the boat.

In separate motor boats, Mr. Slater and Mr. Hart cruised the lake, investigating all possible perches, duck blinds and other places where they hoped they might find the youths clinging.

Watson was almost exhausted when rescued. Suffering from cramps and from exposure, he was taken to Mr. Slater's clubhouse and wrapped in warm blankets.

Ten in Fishing Party.

As soon as he was sufficiently revived he went to his home.

The four youths were members of a party of ten young men who went to the lake early Monday for a two-day fishing party.  Others in the party were Jesse McGuire, Roddy Gross [sic], Raymond Hillis, G. C. Breymer, Lester Gaylor and Rex Hassell, all of Wylie.

Boatman said the craft which the youths were using was of corrugated sheet metal and of home construction.  They said various members of the party of ten frequently visited the lake and used the boat in fishing expeditions.