Cisco, TX Tornado, Apr 1893

On April 28, 1893, Cisco was swept by a cyclone that left but few houses wholly intact. At the time there were only three storm houses in the town, and the people were unprepared and unwatchful. The awful storm came down upon them in all its resistless fury--tearing, ripping and making havoc of homes. It dashed and hurled man and beast, houses and trees and fences in its mad rage, as it tore its way through the heart of the town, leaving in its terrible wreckage twenty-eight dead and dying bodies for the glorious moon, which came out immediately, to cast its pure light upon and dispel the darkness. For months the debris lay in the streets and on the corners, so entirely was the town wrecked. To-day, however, there is no sign of the tornado except the stunted tops of the hardy oaks which still mark its path, while the residences are more modern and the business houses are of brick or stone.

History of Eastland County, Texas 1904, pages 129-130

A tornado struck Cisco killing 23 people and injuring 93 others. - Historical Marker Text. Marker for the First Methodist Church of Cisco. The Methodist Church, the First Baptist Church and the First Presbyterian Church were all destroyed in the tornado.

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