Clifton, TX Tornado, Apr 1908

Clifton, Bosque County - Five or six people injured. No deaths reported. Roof of school building torn off and church demolished. Damage not estimated. Path of storm seventy-five yards wide, most of the loss being in what is known as Old Clifton.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Tx Apr 1908


Part of Clifton Is Wrecked

Number of People Injured and Houses in Old Town Demolished - No Damage at Meridian.

Special To The News.
Cleburne, Tex, April 23. - W. A. Roberts of Fort Worth, a traveling salesman arrived here tonight from Bosque County and reported that a cyclone struck Clifton late this afternoon, demolishing a number of houses and injuring a number of people. No fatalities are reported.

C. P. Anderson of Cleburne arrived here on the same train with Mr. Roberts and tells of the cyclone. It seems to have struck principally what is known as Old Clifton, where a number of negro families reside, and then struck a part of the other section of town. It is known that some people were hurt, but a physician of Meridian tonight informed The News correspondent at Cleburne that there were no fatalities. While he was giving details of the storm the wire went down and communication with Clifton is cut off. There was no damage in Meridian, as at first rumored in this part of the State, but heavy rain was experienced.

Mr. Anderson says at Clifton two small houses were lifted high into the air, crashed together and broke into many pieces. He was informed that there was some damage at Coyote, a small town a few miles from Clifton. The storm originated northwest of the latter town.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 24 Apr 1908