Hodges, TX Auto Accident, Aug 1930

Family of Nine Injured as Auto Hits Parked Car

A Jones county family of nine suffered severe cuts and bruises at 9 o’clock last night when their car struck the rear of a parked, unlighted automobile on the highway near Hodges.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernst Vaughn, who reside near Hodges, were driving home from a revival meeting when the accident occurred. Neither was seriously hurt. Flora Vaughn, 12, suffered cuts on the head, arms and hands, and was more seriously hurt than was Clay Vaughn, 8, or Scott Vaughn. Inez Vaughn was injured internally. The extent of injuries to E. L. Vaughn, 4-month-old boy, was not determined last night. William Vaughn was not injured, but his grandmother suffered bruises about the chest.

The parked car was occupied by a Hamlin family, none of whom was hurt, it was reported. The car had been stopped because of a flat tire. Members of the group were taken away by passersby before an Abilene physician arrived to attend the wounds of the Vaughn family.

First aid had been given them by Leo Hartnett of Abilene, who is a senior in the medical college at the University of St. Louis. He assisted the physician in attending the injuries. The Vaughns were taken to the W. T. Watts home nearby for treatment before being taken home.

Abilene Morning Reporter-News, Abilene, TX 31 Aug 1930