Freeport, TX Tornado And Storm Damage, Nov 1943

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Freeport, Tex., Nov. 7. -- (AP) -- A series of windstorms battered the Texas coast late Saturday night killing at least two persons and leaving at least 125 injured.
A tornado smashed through the residential district of Freeport destroying or severely damaging 100 building in an area four blocks wide and seven blocks long.
Killed were:
VELMA MOORE, aged 10.
More than 100 persons were treated for injuries.
In Galveston, 40 miles to the northeast, more than 25 persons were injured by a violent wind which demolished a trailer camp and damaged several permanent homes. High winds and unusually heavy rain lashed nearby Texas City, but no casualties were reported.

Charleston Gazette West Virginia 1943-11--08


Freeport, Texas 1943 Tornado

I would be interested in those pictures that 'anonymous' stated they had.

1943 Tornado in Freeport, Brazoria Co., TX

I have 12 black & white photos developed by Fox-Co. thought it possible that some might add to your your blog. Also personally remember that evening at our home on 6th street in Freeport, as my mother was reading a story to my little sister.... There was the storm and then a very loud noise, our house shook, but didn't seem to be damaged, and we were suddenly without power and found the next day that downtown area had actually been more affected than the area where we lived. We were unable to navigate thru the business area and the National Guard? TX National Guard? had check points set up. Our Elementary School was greatly damaged and so school was closed for several weeks. A small camping trailer that was parked behind the Port Cafe was destroyed and that was where one of the deaths occured. Tornado had seemed to go in a diagonal line catching the back corner of the Port Cafe [ and the small trailer that was parked behind it ] Tornado continued on to the next couple of blocks where the school was. It was war time so we knew to respect the area cordoned off.