Briggs, TX Tornado, Apr 1906


Town of Briggs Almost Entirely Destroyed---Cyclone Preceded by Rain and Hail.

Bertram, Texas, April 12.---The town of Briggs, about eighteen miles north of here, was swept by a tornado about 5 o'clock this afternoon and almost entirely destroyed. Two persons are reported killed and thirty injured, six fatally. The fatally injured are:

_____Hickman and daughter.
Arnett Tabor and wife.
R. A. Patterson and wife.

The names of the dead and others injured cannot be obtained.

All the telephone wires out of Briggs are down. The tornado was preceded and followed by a heavy rain and hail storm and crops were considerably damaged. The path of the storm was from the southwest to the northeast. The town contained about 250 inhabitants.

Ogden Standard Examiner The Ogden Standard Newspaper 13 Apr 1906