Mart, TX Explosion, Jul 1894


Dynamite Thrown Into a House and Five Negroes Killed.

St. Louis, Mo., July 20.---A special to The Chronicle from Waco, Tex, says that a frightful tragedy occurred this morning at Mart, a small village in that county, twenty miles distant, in which five negroes were killed and one seriously wounded. Two months ago a dispute arose between A. Philips, a negro, and Phil Arnold, white, both farmers, in which the latter shot and killed the former and was in turn killed by Philips young son. The tragedy of this morning is the sequel. Since Mr. Philips was killed the feeling has been bitter between their friends and each has frequently been threatened with extermination. This morning the entire town was aroused by a loud report from the house of Mrs. Phillips, widow of the negro killed by Arnold. A stick of dynamite had been thrown into the building blowing it to pieces and setting fire to the wreck. There were six negroes in the building at the time, five being killed. But one person escaped and it is thought he will die. Officers have gone to the scene.

The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA 21 Jul 1894