Dallas, TX Child Plays Hide and Seek with Automobile, Nov 1938

Death Is Victor At Hide-and-Seek

Car Kills Boy 2 Weeks After Home Burned

Lad Tries to Give Neighbor Fright; Hit at Roadside

Tragedy trailed disaster by two weeks for Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cooper when their 8 year old only son, Leroy, was killed Saturday fourteen days after fire destroyed their home and personal possessions.

Leroy was hit by an automobile driven by a friend, Mrs. R. E. Tanner. His sister, Helen, 5, was seriously hurt. Bobbie, 10, another sister hit by the car was uninjured.

The accident happened in high weeds along a little used road near Northwest Highway, three miles west of the Maple Avenue Road. It was a game of hide-and-seek with death for Leroy. As explained by Bobbie the children hid behind some large thistles and meant to give Mrs. Tanner a friendly scare. Somehow their plans went awry and when Mrs. Tanner saw them it was too late to stop. She carried the injured children to a filling station and obtained aid, after which, prostrated with grief, she was taken to her home to receive medical care.

Leroy apparently died instantly of a broken neck, physicians said.

Helen suffered a broken collar bone, bruises on her chest and on her face. After being treated at the hospital she was taken to the home of her aunt, Mrs. T. D. Woodlee.

Mr. Cooper, a city garbage hauler, and Mrs. Cooper lived at 2903 Cedar Springs until fire wiped them out.

“They lost everything they had,” Miss Janie Davis, aunt of the dead boy, said. They had no insurance on their possessions.

Since the fire they have been living temporarily on the Record Crossing Road, near Northwest Highway and three miles west of the Maple Avenue Road.

Leroy was a first grade student at the William B. Travis School, but had been unable to attend classes since the fire.

Mrs. Tanner is the wife of a diary-man, living near the scene of the accident, to whom the children had become much attached.

Besides his parents and two sisters with him at the accident, Leroy is survived by two sisters, Wilma Jean and Dora Fay Cooper.

Funeral services will be conducted at 10 a. m. Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Woodlee, I-5 Felder Avenue, near Love Field Drive, by the Rev. Earl Allen. Burial will be in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 13 Nov 1938