Walker Branch, TX Lightning Strike, Jun 1907

Walker Branch, Tarrant County

WALKER BRANCH, May 27.—‘Tis with sad heart that I write the items from this community this week, for death has been a caller and took from our midst one of Marsh Levan’s children. Clint Levan, aged about 13 years, was killed by lightning Friday night, about 7:30 o’clock. Do not know for sure the time, as he was dead quite a while before he was found. It was storming and some of the men at the place went to the storm house. Mr. Levan was sitting at the bedside of his daughter, Carrie, who has been very sick with fever. After the storm had subsided the men came in the house and Mr. Levan asked them where the boy was. They replied that they had not seen him, and left to search for him. The father found the boy in an out house , dead. It has been only eighteen months since the wife and mother of this home died. It seems that Mr. Levan’s ‘cup of sorrow’ is certainly o’er flowing. Willing hands and kind hearts did all that could be done for the bereaved family. Master Clint was buried in the Arvine cemetery Saturday evening. Rev. Mr. Speck conducted the services.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 2 Jun 1907