Palacios, Texas Flyers Die In Crash, Jul 1928

PALACIOS Texas, July 1 3 - ln
the sight of hundreds of persons, an
airplane crashed into a street here
today and burst, into flames, carrying
three men to death.
The victims were Earl Prosser of
Texas City. Texas, commercial pilot:
Max Weinberg of Boston, Mass., and
Ralph" Green of Galveston.
Weinberg and Green, who were
here to operate concessions at the
Texas National Guard encampment
on the outskirts of Palacios, were
taking their first airplane ride. They
were roommates of Prosser, who
planned to do an aerial passenger
business here.
The plane took off from a field
about a mile from town and circled
the city several times. Then it
slowed up, apparently because of
motor trouble, and the pilot headed
in a glide for a vacant lot. .At a
height of about 250 feet, the plane
got out of control and plunged to
the street, bursting into flames at
Persons nearby were held back by
the flames and when a fire truck
arrived, all the flammable parts of
the craft had been consumed. The
thought is the occupants had been killed
instantly by the fall.
Weinberg and Green each leave a
wife and one child. The pilot was
a single man.
There was no traffic in the street
at the time of the crash and no one
on the ground was injured.
Eighteen army planes, taking part
in training camp manoeuvres, had
passed over a few minutes before
and hundreds of residents were
watching Prosser's plane when it
July 14 edition of The New York Times