San Antonio, TX HemisFair Monorail Accident, Sep 1968

HemisFair 68 Monorail


San Antonio (AP) -- HemisFair and mini-monorail officials declined official comment Monday while an investigation began into Sunday's monorail train smashup that killed one person and injured 48 others.

Thirteen of the victims hospitalized overnight Sunday were still being treated late Monday.

William Jackson, director of operations at HemisFair, said only that a preliminary report by an insurance company investigative team may be forethcoming in two to three days.

Until the report is made, he said, the colorful trains will not operate.

Repairs were being made Monday to the track from which 11 cars spilled onto asphalt pavement and into a shallow lagoon and a flower bed.

HemisFair '68 Monorail Accident Photo on Flickr - Robert E. Weston

Jackson said that until the investigation is completed, no statements will be made concerning the cause of the accident.

Witnesses and officers said the accident occurred when one of the mini-monorail trains struck another from behind and the impact derailed 11 cars.

Two of the small cars landed in the lagoon, as did at least four persons. One woman passenger was reported to have been rescued from drowning by a fair employe.

Workmen at the scene Monday said the cars dropped an estimated 13 feet, six inches from the elevated tracks. Police estimated a total of 100 persons were on the two trains, each of which had 11 cars Sunday.

An unconfirmed report that the second train's brakes failed remained unconfirmed. Shortly after the 1:50 p.m. accident, John Moore, monorail manager, disputed this report, saying he thought it impossible for the brakes to fail.

EMILEE SCHMIDT, 65, of Ellisville, Mo., died at Sanata Rosa Hospital after she was rushed there by ambulance.  Two off-duty patrolmen said MRS. SCHMIDT was among some passengers pinned under the toppled cars.  With the help of eight bystanders, the officers lifted the car and pulled her free, police said.

Of those remaining hospitalized Monday, hospital officials said only MRS. ELLA JACOBS, 74, also of Ellisville, Mo., was in serious condition.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1968-09-17


Monorail Accident


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