Dallas, TX Fire Chief's Son Drowns, Jun 1924

Clyde Magee, Son of Former Dallas Fire Chief, Drowns



Clyde F. Magee, 30 years old, 3523 McKinney avenue, drowned shortly before 9 o’clock Saturday night in a body of water two miles west of Farmer’s Branch, Dallas County, when a boat from which he was fishing capsized. He was the son of former Fire Chief H. F. Magee, 3527 McKinney avenue.

The body was recovered about 12:25 o’clock this (Sunday) morning and was brought to Dallas by Ed C. Smith & Bro., undertakers.

The story of the drowning as related by an Ed C. Smith & Bro. ambulance driver, who answered a call to the lake, was, as follows:

Magee and his brother-in-law, Leon L. Alden, 3120 McKinney avenue, were in a row boat setting a trot-line. R. A. Bradley, a friend and the third member of the party, was on the shore placing throw lines. The row boat was leaky and filled with water before it could be rowed to shore. As it sank Alden attempted to assist Magee, who could not swim. He succeeded in holding him after he had sunk twice, but Magee broke away and went under for the last time. Alden dived for him, but could not find him.

Information Sent Fire Station.

One of the party sent word to the Central Fire Station, where Chief Magee and his family were well known. Mrs. H. F. Magee, mother of the dead man, answered a telephone call shortly before 10 o’clock from a “Mr. Patterson,” informing her that Clyde had drowned. Chief Magee, in his automobile, followed by several neighbors, hurried to the scene of the drowning.

Mrs. Alden was at a downtown theater and returned to her parents’ home shortly before 11 o’clock. Neighbors broke the news to her. She found her mother lying prostrate on a sofa, calling deliriously for Dr. L. D. Young, pastor of the City Temple, who was immediately notified to come.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Magee of Purvis, Miss., guests of the family and brother and sister-in-law of Chief Magee, were informed by telephone that Ed C. Smith & Bro., undertakers, had sent an ambulance to Farmers’ Branch. They then notified Mrs. Clyde Magee, wife of the dead man, living next door.

Mrs. Clyde Magee went to the undertakers immediately and Mrs. H. F. Magee, the mother, cried for some one to “take me to Clyde.” Mrs. Alden, sister of Clyde Magee and wife of Leon Magee, offered to take her mother downtown. Mrs. Alden drove rapidly downtown to the Ed C. Smith & Bro’s. establishment, and as she stopped the car she fainted. The mother was taken out of the machine only to be told that the body had not been found.

Ordinary fishing poles were used in an attempt to locate the body but efforts were unsuccessful.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 8 Jun 1924