Indian Oaks, TX Crippled Bomber Crashes, Aug 1950


Fort Worth (AP) -- A crippled B-29 bomber crashed and burned in a field five miles north of Carswell Air Force Base Monday, killing four crewmen.
Eight crewmen got away with minor injuries as the four-engined bomber narrowly missed a cluster of houses, struck the field and slithered almost half a mile. They tumbled from the Superfortress as it plowed crazily along the ground.
Three charred bodies were removed from the nose section of the plane and one from the center section.
The bomber was from Barksdale air force base, near Shreveport, La. It apparently was trying to land at Carswell.
Mrs. A. L. Cronk of Lake Worth said she and her husband took two of the surviving crewmen to the Carswell base hospital in their car. Both were dazed but one was able to talk.
"I couldn't pull it up. I couldn't pull it up," he kept repeating.
She didn't learn the fliers' names.
An explosion of fuel ripped the bomber as it ended its slide through the tree-studded field.
Robert V. Bail of Fort Worth said he saw the plane circling with its left landing gear down but its right landing gear up.
Witnesses said the plane circled the field several times, apparently trying to land but in trouble.
It was from the 91st bomb group, 91st strategic reconnaisance wing, second air force, Barksdale. The plane commander was one of the survivors.
Officers on the apron said the plane appeared to be coming in for a landing at about 1,000 feet. However, the control tower said the plane had not contacted it.
The plane crashed in Indian Oaks, a village on the outskirts of Fort Worth.
One witness said the plane dropped two flares before it crashed.
Barksdale AFB spokesmen identified the dead as:
Capt. BERNARD J. McKENNA, navigator, Staten Island, N.Y.
1st Lt. MICHAEL J. ROYCE, navigator, Arlington, Mass.
1st Lt. WILLIAM NICHOLSON, navigator, of (RFD 2, box 100), Barnesboro, Pa.
1st Lt. ARMAND S. TREPANIER, of 127 Chestnut St., Holyoke, Mass., an observer.

Walla Walla Union Bulletin Washington 1950-08-15


Indian Oaks B-29 Crash

Correction...The name is Michael Joyce, not Michael Royce.

Indian Oaks B-29 Crash

I am good friends with the son on one of the dead service men. He never knew his father, and his mother never talked of the tragedy. Your recollections, as awful as they are, still give him some solace. Thank you.

B-29 crash august 1950 in Indian Oaks.

I too witnessed the crash from my front yard as an 8 year old boy. I noticed the plane circling and it went below the tree line northwest of me and then black smoke appeared above the tree's.

Days later my dad drove out to the crash site and we walked around the crash site and there were small pieces of metal on the burned ground.

As I recall the site was on a slope and it looked like burned fuel had ran down it.

I was about 10 years old and

I was about 10 years old and watched this B 29 crash near Indian Oaks, TX. I'm 72 now. I commented a couple months ago but you wouldn't post it. Crap I would think you would be interested in sharing with your other readers my eyewitness account. I doubt if you will post this either and yet you will post a "wow, thank you for sharing this" from Jenn. So stick this where the sun don't shine!!

1950 B-29 crash, Indian Oaks, TX

I was 9 years old and saw this bomber crash. I was standing in our front year and saw it coming in low over the hill from Carswell AFB. It was snapping off trees with its wings like they were toothpicks( I was about 300 yards away with a completely clear view). It came to a stop and then exploded with a huge fireball. I ran into the house yelling" mama, mama a B-36 has crashed!!" (I meant to say B-29 but was excited and shaken). I'm 72 years old now and will never forget that day.


Thank you for posting this.