Paducah, TX Bomber Crashes, Mar 1952


Paducah, Tex. (AP) -- Four airmen were killed Friday when their four-engine jet bomber crashed and exploded in rough desolate brush country about 22 miles northwest of here.
The B-54 "Tornado" crashed shortly after it refueled at Reese Air Force Base at Lubbock, Tex.
Earlier Friday 10 Navy airmen were killed when a four-engine patrol bomber dived into Corpus Christi Bay less than a mile from the Naval Air Station. All aboard the plane were killed.
The huge jet bomber was returning to its home base at Langley Air Force Base, Va., after a routine cross-country training flight to Mather Air Force Base, Calif.
Names of the dead were withheld.
Cpl. HENRY G. GEIGER, 19, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Daily Chronicle Centralia Washington 1952-03-22