Houston, TX Lineman Saved from Live Wire Accident, Jul 1928

Pike Pole Used to Save Man Knocked Out by Live Wire

HOUSTON, Texas, July 31 (AP)—B. F. Moreland, 45, a lineman, was recovering in a hospital here Tuesday after a narrow escape from death by electrocution Tuesday afternoon.

A wire on which Moreland was working became entangled in a trolley wire and the heavy current rendered the lineman unconscious. Firemen in a near-by station, hearing the man’s screams, arrived in time to find smoke curling from Moreland’s clothing as he lay unconscious on a narrow platform suspended from a cable thirty feet above the ground. Hurriedly obtaining a ladder, H. O. Gassoway, a fireman, climbed to the top and removed the wire from Moreland’s body with a pike pole used in breaking into burning buildings.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 1 Aug 1928