San Angelo, TX lightning strike, Aug 1925

2 Men Killed by Lightning

Another Severely Hurt by Bolt Near San Angelo.

By The Associated Press.

SAN ANGELO, Texas, Aug. 12. - A terrific bolt during an electrical storm Wednesday night instantly killed two men and severely injured a third when it struck in a group of ten men standing on Glacier-to-the-Gulf State highway No. 2, a few miles north of San Angelo.

The dead are:

WILEY ROUSE, 17, of Richland Springs, San Saba County.

ELMORE COCKREHAM, 21, single, Tom Green County Farmer, eleven miles northwest of San Angelo.

John Jamar of Richland Springs was seriously injured, but is expected to recover.

The construction camp of Clay Simpson, for whom all ten men were working, was the scene of the death stroke. A. M. Waddell was in the cook shack when the lightning descended and was slightly shocked. Rushing outside he saw men lying motionless on the ground. He brought Jamar and Cockreham to San Angeleo, Jamar recovering on the way. All efforts to revive Rouse and Cockreham failed.

Another eyewitness said he saw a big puff rise into the air after hearing a crash like that of a cannon. When the dust cleared the men were scattered about prone, some of them some distance from where the bolt hit. Pierces of silver money in Cockreham's watch pocket were pitted and seared by the lightning that caused the man's death. No rain accompanied the lightning.

Cockreham, 21 and single, is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cockreham; seven sisters and three brothers. Rouse, 17, leaves his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Rouse; one brother and two sisters, all of whom reside in Richland Springs, where burial likely will be made.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 14 Aug 1925