Fort Worth, TX Surrey-Auto Wreck, Nov 1912


Vehicle Overturned and Four Children Have Narrow Escape From Serious Injury.

J. C. Griffith, credit manager for W. C. Stripling, his wife and four children, narrowly escaped serious injury Thursday night at 7 o'clock when the surrey in which they were riding was struck and overturned at Pennsylvania avenue and Henderson street by an automobile driven by Dr. Harold V. Johnson. The occupants of the surrey were thrown to the pavement but escaped with painful bruises.

The accident occurred about midway of the street and neither Dr. Johnson or Mr. Griffith realized their danger until the collision occurred. Dr. Johnson's car was proceeding at a slow rate of speed and to this is probably due the escape of the Griffith family.

The surrey was swung around and thrown over upon its side. Mr. and Mrs. Griffith and their 3-year-old son, Merle, were thrown clear of the buggy. Their son, Price, 6, fell under the horse's hoofs but scrambled to safety.

As she fell, Mrs. Griffith held her 2-months-old twin daughter, Rayma, in her arms. The child's sister, Mayma, was found between the wheels of the automobile next to the surrey. Mr. Griffith and his family were taken to their home, 431 Samuels avenue, in Dr. Johnson's car. The surrey is slightly damaged.

Fort Worth Star Telegram, Ft Worth, TX 16 Nov 1912