Amarillo, TX Auto - Truck Wreck, Jan 1949

Two Die In Wreck

Two West Texas State College students are dead and a third is in a critical condition following a car-truck accident 12 miles east of Amarillo on US Highway 287 yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock. The car and truck met head-on according to state highway patrolmen. Driver of the truck was seriously injured. The accident occurred during a snowstorm.


WELDON EUGENE BASINGER, 18 years old, Fort Worth.

PATSY NELLE HUDSON, 19, Childress.


Dorman Williamson, 19, Childress, both legs broken, probably have to amputate right leg, head injuries. Condition critical in Northwest Texas Hospital.

Calvin Seward, Hardin, Tex., back and neck injuries. Condition serious, Northwest Texas Hospital.

Witnesses of the accident said the car was going east and the truck west. They said the driver of the truck attempted to pass two vehicles going in the same direction when he apparently saw the car through the snow, highway patrolmen said.

Both drivers apparently saw each other at the same time. Driver of the car pulled off the pavement to the right. Driver of the truck, apparently trying to avoid the crash, also pulled off the road, to the left. Car and truck met on the edge of the paving, patrolmen said.

Witness said neither vehicle appeared to be going fast, probably 30 miles and hour. One witness told officers he was driving at about 25 miles and hour when the truck pulled around him.

Williamson was identified as driver of the car.

Motor of the car was driven back into the front seat, pinning Williamson between motor and chassis of the car, patrolmen said. Nearly an hour was required to remove Williamson from the twisted wreckage of his car.

None of the injured have been able to make a statement.

Basinger, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Basinger, 808 Chesser Drive, Fort Worth, graduated from High School in May 1948. He was a member of the Amon Carter Riverside basketball team. He enrolled at West Texas State College last September and made his home at Buffalo Courts. He was a member of Coach Borden Price's freshman basketball team.

Miss Hudson was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Andy M. Hudson, 1001 Avenue F, NW, Childress. She graduated from Childress High School in May of 1948 and enrolled at West Texas State College in September. She was a resident of Randall Hall. Miss Hudson was a twirler with the Childress High School band and was Childress football queen in 1947. She is an only child. Mr. Hudson is operator of the Childress Sign Company.

Williamson is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Williamson, 804 Avenue G, NM, Childress. He graduated from Childress High School at mid-term in 1948 and enrolled at West Texas State College, living at Buffalo Courts. He was an outstanding player on the Childress Football team and was named one of the outstanding freshmen ends on the West Texas State College freshman team last fall. He was born and reared on a farm near Kirkland.

Basinger was pronounced dead upon arrival in Amarillo in an N. S. Griggs ambulance. Miss Hudson died in Amarillo Osteopathic Hospital about 7 o'clock. She suffered a broken leg, crushed chest and fractured skull. Miss Hudson was brought to the hospital by R. W. Eads of Amarillo. Williamson was taken to the hospital in a Blackburn-Shaw ambulance. State highway patrolmen brought Seward to the hospital.

Bodies of Basinger and Miss Hudson are at Blackburn-Shaw Funeral Home.

The three students had completed their mid-term examinations and apparently on their way to Childress, a college spokesman said. College classes will be resumed Tuesday.

It was not learned whether Basinger was en route to his home in Fort Worth or whether he was going to spend the week end with Williamson in Childress.

Amarillo Daily News, Amarillo, TX 29 Jan 1949