McCamey, TX Business Section Fire, Jul 1937

Downtown McCamey, Texas

McCamey Counts Heavy Fire Loss

McCamey, July 5.-AP-This city counted its loss today from a disastrous fire which for a time menaced the entire business section last night. Two persons were injured.

H.P. Priddy, manager of the theater, was badly burned about the face and hands, and Bob McKinney, fireman, fell from an awning and was painfully bruised.

The Coney island Electric Service Co., Towler Radio Shop, Vogue Beauty Shop and West Texas Auto Parts buildings were damaged though equipment was saved.

Officials declined to make an estimate of the loss. The fire was blamed on a defective exhaust on the motor of the theater’s cooling system.

McCamey recently encountered heavy damage in a tornado.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 5 Jul 1937