Fort Worth, TX Fireman Falls From Firepole, Dec 1910

Broken Leg Results When Fireman Slips

West’s Arm Was Asleep When He Slid Down the Pole in Response to a Fire Alarm

W.C. West, a fireman at Central Fire station, had his left leg broken early Sunday morning when he lost his hold on the sliding pole used by firemen for a quick descent from their sleeping quarters on the second floor to the ground floor.

He was removed to the home of his sister, where he was reported resting easily Monday.

The fireman’s arm had gone to sleep and was numb when he responded to a fire alarm and fell. The fire was in a bundle of papers in the storage room of the Fort Worth & Denver railroad offices on the sixth floor of the Fort Worth National Bank building. It was easily put out with little loss.

Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Fort Worth, TX 26 Dec 1910