Zapata, TX Boiler Explosion, Nov 1929



The gruesome spectacle of a human body blown to atoms, wrapped up in a blanket and brought to Laredo about 4 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, told the story of the tragic death of AUGUST LOUDER, 26, fireman at the JOHN PAPPAS well in Zapata county 60 miles south of Laredo, Tuesday forenoon. LOUDER was the victim of a boiler explosion that blew him to bits.
Excitement followed the tragedy that scattered the remains of LOUDER for quite a distance in all directions, and threw HENRY EASLEY an assistant, some distance away. EASLEY who had a large can of oil blown out of his hand by the force of the boiler explosion, was thrown about 10 feet into the chaparral, sustaining cuts and bruises about the head, hands and body, and was given first aid immediately. He was rushed to Laredo for medical treatment Tuesday afternoon and was able to walk to the doctor's office to have his bruises treated.
Following the explosion, the cause of which has not been ascertained, workmen on the scene busied themselves gathering up the remains of LOUDER, some pieces of the body being found many feet distant from where the explosion occurred. LOUDER was standing by the side of the boiler when the explosion came. EASLEY was approaching the engine at a distance of about ten feet away with a five-gallon can of oil in his hand.
Other members of the crew working on the Pappas well some distance away, were deafened and shook by the explosion, but none was injured.
LOUDER is said to have a mother and two sisters residing in San Antonio, and they were immediately
notified of the accident. On account of the condition of the body it was found necessary to inter it Wednesday morning in the city cemetery.

Laredo Times Texas 1929-11-27