Grand Prairie, TX Navy Bomber Crash, Jan 1943


(By The Associated Press)
Dallas, Jan. 14. -- Seven men were killed and two injured when a Navy patrol bomber crashed and burned on the runway at the Grand Prairie Naval Air station field late today.
Capt. Harold L. Meadow, commanding officer at the station, said the bodies of six men were recovered immediately and that the two injured were taken to hospitals. Later the body of a seventh man was found in the wreckage, he said.
A check of effects indicated that one of the dead and one of the injured probably were Army personnel, and the rest were believed to be Navy men.
Captain Meadow said that none of the dead had been identified.
He said the two-motored craft fell from an altitude of 75 feet at a point about half way across the field, and that the engine failure was apparently the cause of the crash.
Captain Meadow said the plane had come from San Pedro, Calif.
The craft struck on its nose and was soon in flames.
Identification of the dead will be difficult, Captain Meadow said, because of the condition of the bodies.
A civilian pilot, flying from Fort Worth to Dallas, who said he saw the crash from about 2,000 feet when he was some distance from the field, said the plane first appeared to be landing.
"It looked as though the plane landed rather hard on the right wheel and bounced. The left wing dipped and it appeared that the pilot fought to control the ship as it veered almost due west in a steep climb," he said.
"Just as it seemed that he had the ship under control again it appeared to stall. The nose dropped and it plunged to the ground on its nose, flipped over on its back, and burst into flames."

Morning Avalanche Lubbock Texas 1943-01-15



Dallas, Texas, Jan. 16 (AP) -- Identity of four of the seven men killed Thursday when a navy patrol bomber crashed at Hensley field was announced Saturday.
Major Garza A. Wooton, commanding officer of Hensley field air depot training station, said two of them were:
First Lieutenant RALPH E. GARSH, Tucson, Ariz.
Sergeant LLOYD E. GETCHELL of Gardner, Maine. Their next of kin were not listed.
Lieutenant GARSH was stationed at Ferrying Command base, Memphis, Tenn., and was en route to Memphis from Tucson when the crash occurred. Sergeant GETCHELL was attached to the bombardment unit at Davis Monthan field, Tucson.
The navy announced two others killed were:
Ensign HARVEY C. POLLAY, JR., son of Mrs. Sabina Richey Pollay, Eagle Pass, Texas.
Lieutenant (j.g.) JOHN FREDERICK HUGENBERG, whose next of kin was not listed.
Identified prior to Saturday were:
Lieutenant WILLIAM JAMES FINNEGAN, 38, Richmond, Cal.
Lieutenant (j.g.) JOHN MATTHEW BRAGAL, 23, Webster, N.D.
Lieutenant (j.g.) FRANK GRAHAM of Dallas.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah 1943-01-17