Dallas, TX Laundry Boiler Explosion, Jan 1930


By Associated Press.
Dallas, Tex., Jan. 19. -- Two men were dead and a third was in a critical condition here tonight as the result of a boiler explosion today in the Blue Ribbon laundry in the Oaklawn district of Dallas.
The dead:
J. B. GILLILAND, killed instantly by flying steel from the boiler.
ROY C. GILLILAND, who died soon after the blast at a hospital of numerous injuries.
The man injured was COBB VAN WAY, 45, who suffered two broken legs and other injuries when a portion of the boiler house wall fell on him.
The explosion occurred next door to a fire substation and thirteen firemen, shaken by the blast, ran into the laundry to carry out the dead and injured.
Windows in business establishments and houses for several blocks around were smashed by the concussion and flying debris. Pieces of sheet iron landed on housetops a block away.
The GILLILAND brothers were owners of the plant.
The boiler house was in a galvanized iron shed in the rear and the men were inside at the time of the blast. The main building suffered only nominal damage.
The explosion was laid to frozen pipes by Fire Chief Jesse Coffman.

Galveston Daily News Texas 1930-01-20