Austin, TX Boiler Explosion, Dec 1885


Austin, Texas, Dec. 11. -- A boiler explosion occurred between 4 and 5 o'clock this afternoon at the Furthe Foundry, resulting in the instant death of two men and the wounding of others.
The foundry is situated some little distance from the business part of the city on the banks of the Colorado River. The exact cause of the explosion can never be known. The boiler was a large size tubular structure, and had been in use nearly 25 years. It broke immediately on the counter line, one-half flying in one direction, the other half in the opposite course.
CHARLES JONES, proprietor of the works, happened to be in the foundry at the time standing near the boiler room. He was struck by the brick wall as it fell, and was dead when discovered.
LEWIS PRESTON, the engineer, was working the pump. He was mutilated horribly. Both men leave families. The wounded are not seriously hurt.
The building was entirely demolished, and involves a loss of $6,000. The explosion shook the entire city and caused a good deal of consternation. People thought it was an earthquake. Had the explosion occurred a few moments earlier fully a dozen men would have been killed.

The New York Times New York 1885-12-12