Lometa, TX Private Plane Crash, Dec 1949

Lometa, TX Private Plane Crash, Dec 1949

B’Wood Pair Die in Crash

LOMETA. Dec 11. – Mr. and Mrs. George F. GRIFFITH of Brownwood were killed Sunday when their light plane crashed and burned about 40 yards from the home of her parents.

GRIFFITH, 26, was circling the farm home about six miles west of here, Sheriff Fred MASON said.

GRIFFITH was thrown out of the plane and under a wing. His father-in-law, A. C. HRISTOW, dragged him away as the wing caught fire. GRIFFITH died in a Lampasas Hospital. His wife, 23, was strapped and died in the burning plane.

The GRIFFITHS had flown from Brownwood to the farm early Sunday afternoon. MASON said he understood. GRIFFITH had been asked to circle the farm house to entertain a sick child.

GRIFFITH took off from an oats field near the house. The craft stalled as he circled, MASON said.

GRIFFITH, a student pilot, soloed early in the fall. He was a mechanic at the Brownwood Municipal Airport.

Abilene Reporter News, Abilene, TX 12 Dec 1949