Beaumont, TX Auto Wreck, May 1910

An Automobile Mishap.

Col. W.A. Fletcher’s Motor Went Into the Ditch Yesterday.

Col. W.A. Fletcher’s automobile, driven by a chauffeur, while coming through the Country Club gate yesterday afternoon was thrown into the ditch and slightly damaged. Colonel Fletcher remained in the machine and was uninjured but Judge Hal W. Greer and Col. Fletcher’s young grandson, Bill Fletcher, were thrown out. Judge Greer received some scratches and bruises but was not injured to a serious extent while the boy escaped injury. In passing through the gate, the chauffeur in some way miscalculated the distance and lost control of the machine. The chauffeur stated that the steering gear was out of order but Colonel Fletcher said he thought the driver misjudged the distance and the machine was in the ditch before he could gain control again. The machine was slightly damaged, but after being removed it brought the party to the city.

Beaumont Enterprise and Journal, Beaumont, TX 9 May 1910