San Antonio, TX Kelly Field Air Crash, Oct 1942

Crash Death First in New Kelly Planes

Death of Aviation Cadet James S. Brown of Grand Saline was first fatality resulting from the crash of one of the new twin-engine training planes now being used at the advanced flying school at Kelly field.

Cadet Dewey C. Brown Jr. of Mathis was co-pilot in the plane but he managed to jump before the plane crashed as it was peeling off to land at Kelly field No 3, auxiliary practice field, shortly before noon Thursday.


Cadet Sam Brown was son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Brown of Grand Saline. He attended Kilgore Junior college in 1939 and 1940 and received primary flying training in Missouri and basic training at Randolph field.

Cadet Dewey Brown, who suffered a leg injury in his parachute landing, is son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Brown Sr. of Mathis. He attended Texas A. and I. and Southwest Texas Teachers' college before entering the army.

San Antonio Light, San Antonio, TX 2 Oct 1942