San Antonio, TX Train Accident, Jun 1901


A Terrible Accident To Conductor Young of the I. & G. N.

Fell Between Cars While the Train was Moving and Both Legs Cut Off Near the Hips -- At Santa Rosa, Not Expected To Live.

David W. Young, conductor of International & Great Northern freight train No. 64, fell from this train near the Southern Pacific crossing Wednesday night and both his legs were cut off. His injuries are believed to be fatal.

Young is thirty years old and with his family lives at 2419 West Houston street. His train was north bound, due at San Antonio at 8:30 o'clock. Young was walking on top of the cars and made a misstep, dropping between the cars. He managed to throw himself out far enough to save his body, but the wheels passed over both his legs.

He lay beside the track until found by John Lipps, a boy who lives nearby and heard his cries. The boy called help and police headquarters was communicated with. An engine and caboose were sent to bring him to the station, whence he was taken to Santa Rosa Infirmary. He was conscious and gave an account of the accident.

At the infirmary it was stated that there was little hope of Young's recovery. Both legs were severed from the body near the hips, and owing to the fact that he had been so long without attention he was very week from loss of blood.

Young died at 1:30 o'clock. He did not rally after he was taken from the operating tables.

The San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 13 Jun 1901