Borger, TX Bridge Washes Out in Flood, Oct 1930

Man Tossed Into Flood When Swirling Waters Wash Out Bridge After Floating for Ten Miles

(By Associated Press)
Border, Tex., Oct. 12.-After tossing about in swirling waters of the Canadian River for 10 miles today, clinging to wreckage, Thomas L. Gill, of Amarillo, was rescued early today by Borger firemen who lowered a rope from a bridge near here in time to catch Gill’s outstretched arms as he floated under the bridge.

The flood waters had washed out 400 feet of Rock island Railway bridge, hurling Gill and two other men into the river. The structure is a combination railway and automobile bridge near Sanford, 15 miles west of here.

Clyde McGee was rescued with difficulty and taken to an Amarillo hospital. H.F. Cottrell, tollgate keeper, who narrowly missed Gill’s fate when the leaning bridge piling suddenly collapsed, telephoned Borger police, when efforts to rescue Gill failed. Gill was not a good swimmer and kept afloat by clinging to the wreckage in the swirling flood, which was a mile wide in places.

Fireman Lee Creek and Policeman W.M. Chapman waited on the bridge at Highway 117, three miles north of Borger, and stopped Gill’s turbulent voyage with the rope.

The washout was expected to delay traffic for several days over the cut-off from Amarillo to Liberal, Kan.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 13 Oct 1930