Denison, TX Tornado, Jul 1901

They Prayed For A Rain

And Got a Small-Sized Tornado at Denison, Texas.

The Crops Were Saved, but the Church Destroyed.

(Special to the Picayune.)
Denison, Tex., July 14.-A number of local ministers today prayed for rain to break the long drought, which has prevailed for months, had burned up the corn and the fruit and brought sickness. This afternoon a storm struck the city and rain fell for two hours. It was a heavy downpour, which effectually disposed of the drought. The storm was accompanied by a wind of almost tornado force. Reports indicate that the rain is general in this vicinity. It has come just in the nick of time to save the cotton crop. It will benefit the fruit crop and furnish stock water, which has entirely failed, causing much distress. It will also benefit lowland cotton.

The Southern Methodist Episcopal church recently erected at a cost of $15,000, was partially demolished, a number of small houses in the northern portion of the city were blown over and wrecked. The minister of this church had offered fervent prayer for the rain.

Shade trees and window glasses all over the city were demolished.

Times Picayune, New Orleans, LA 15 Jul 1901