Grand Prairie, TX Navy Jet Hits Homes, July 1968


Dallas (AP) -- A jet fighter piloted by a Navy reservist crashed shortly after takeoff Saturday, killing the flier and smashing into two residences and a garage.
The residents of the homes were away.
The pilot was LT. GARY GRETTER, 31, of Grand Prairie. He was employed by Ling-Temco Vought.
Both homes and the detached garage caught fire. The homes were severely damaged and the garage with a car inside was destroyed.
The plane was taking off from the Dallas Naval Air Station at Grand Prairie between Fort Worth and Dallas.
It skimmed over a series of railroad tracks and crashed into a field.
Witnesses said the plane bounced two or three times, then broke in half, one section striking one residence and the other half the second home.
Both sections of the plane were ablaze when they hit the houses.
The ejection seat was found in the field and the pilot's body was some distance away. A Navy hospital corpsman said the pilot's body had no strap marks on the shoulders.
Officials at the scene warned spectators away, saying the plane carried live ammunition. But no ammunition explosions occurred.

The Paris News Texas 1968-07-07