Arlington, TX Interurban Train - Automobile Wreck, Oct 1912


Six Persons Killed in Crash Near Arlington Sunday Night – Death Instantaneous

Fort Worth, Texas, Oct. 7. -- Six persons were instantly killed when a Dallas-Fort Worth Interurban car collided head-on with an automobile one mile west of Arlington at 8 o'clock last night.

The dead:
I. BARNEY CORNELIUS, 36 years old, Palmer, Texas.
MRS. I. B. CORNELIUS, 32 years old.
THELMA CORNELIUS, 8 years old.
Six-year-old CORNELIUS girl.
Sister of CORNELIUS (name not knwown[sic]) and her 12-year-old son.

The auto party, in a five-passenger machine, were returning to Palmer after a visit to Fort Worth. Crossing the track at high speed, the interurban caught them in the center of the track, hurling the auto thirty feet from the place of contact. The bodies of the women and children were literally ground to pieces, the interurban car mingling the bodies and scattering the remains for several yards. Only the body of the man escaped the car wheels. He was evidently hurled head foremost against the from of the car, as his neck was broken and the top of his skull crushed.

It was the second section of the Dallas local, leaving Dallas at seven o'clock, which left the train of blood. It was operated by Conductor W. R. SYKES and Motorman LEE GANT, who had made the trip to Dallas as the last limited car, returning as a local.

The collision occurred thirteen miles east of Fort Worth and one mile west of Arlington, where the Interurban tracks make a curve of fifteen degrees. The automobile had crossed the Texas & Pacific tracks about 200 yards east of the scene of the accident, and turned down toward the Interurban tracks, the road crosses the tracks at a sharp angle. The car was going west at its usual speed, with the auto running eastward. There was no obstruction between them and the occupants of the machine could not have been ignorant of the oncoming Interurban, nor could the motorman have overlooked the auto party.

The Interurban car ran perhaps 200 yards after the collision, according to the motorman of the third section of the Dallas local, who reached the scene shortly afterward.

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