Knoxville, TN Row Boat Accident, Jul 1896


Terrible Accident at a Pleasure Resort in Tennessee.

Knoxville, Tenn., July 31.--Three people were killed and drowned and a fourth seriously injured in an accident at Lake Ottossaee, an outing resort three miles from Knoxville Thursday afternoon. The dead are: CHARLES PERRY, aged 18; WALTER WRIGHT, aged 21, and MISS CARRIE PHIBBS, aged 17. The injured is Mrs. Forester, a widow, who was chaperoning the party. The party was rowing on the lake in the park in a light rowboat, and through carelessness they came in the course of the chute boat as it came down the steep incline into the water. The chute boat, loaded with ten people, dashed down the incline at a terrific rate of speed and hit the water with much force. It rebounded into the air and on the second bounce struck the rowboat with its occupants. The crash upset the row boat and killed its passengers, with the exception of Mrs. Forester, who came to the surface and caught on to the upturned boat, where she clung until assistance arrived.

Stevens Point Daily Journal, Stevens Point, WI 31 Jul 1896