Pulaski, TN Greyhound Bus And Two Truck Crash, Dec 1958


Pulaski, Tenn. (AP) - A Greyhound bus collided with two trucks while trying to pass on a wet, fog-shrouded hill at twilight Tuesday, killing seven persons and injuring 12.
Flames burst out in the bus minutes after it crashed to a halt in a gully seven miles south of here. A majority of the estimated 23 passengers scrambled out before the fire got to them.
Three of the dead were badly burned. The others apparently were thrown from the bus.
The bus driver, who last summer received an award for 15 years of safe driving, was among the dead. He was SAMUEL YOUREE, 50, of Murfreesboro, Tenn.
Twelve persons, including one of the truck drivers, were treated at a hospital. Six were released. One was sent to a Nashville hospital in critical condition.
Officers pieced together this account:
The 40-passenger bus, bound from Birmingham to Cincinnati, was passing a coal truck in the fog when a southbound semi-trailer truck loomed ahead.
The bus whipped back toward the right lane, hooked bumpers with the coal truck and then crashed almost head-on into the tractor-trailer.
The impact broke the bus loose from the coal truck. The bus careened 75 yards further on and crashed to a stop upright in the gully, catching fire.
The coal truck stopped, its brakes locked, with one wheel off the shoulder of the road.
Luther Jim Beasley, 30, truck driver for the Brindley & Son Coal Co., Pulaski, who was not injured, said: "The tractor-trailer was blowing his horn and signaling with his lights. He was going mighty slow, if not stopped, when the bus hit him."
The collision opened a hole in the left side of the bus through which some of the passengers escaped. Others apparently used the emergency door at the rear.
In addition to YOUREE, the bus driver, funeral homes here identified these dead:
CHARLES THOMPSON, 28, Cleveland, Ala.;
MRS. BILLIE JEAN HOLMAN, 23, Brewton, Ala.;
and MRS. FRANCES V. TOLBERT, Warrior, Ala.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Parrish, erroneously identified Tuesday night among the charred bodies as two of the victims, telephoned relatives in Birmingham that they were safe.
A Pulaski funeral home said one male and one female remained unidentified. The body of another male remained unidentified at a second funeral home. Officials said the bodies were burned severely, making identification extremely difficult.

The Kokomo Tribune Indiana 1958-12-24