Catoosa, TN Coal Mine Explosion, Dec 1917


Knoxville, Tenn., Dec. 21. -- Twelve miners were killed in an explosion at Mine No. 3 of the Dour Coal and Coke company at Catoosa, near here. Seventy-five other men in the mine at the time escaped.
The dead are:
W. W. BRYANT, 52, Oneida, Tenn.
J. R. SMITH, Rockwood, Tenn.
WALTER SHELTON, Rockwood, Tenn.
ED EAST, 26, Rockwood, Tenn.
O. J. BUTTRAM, 35, residence unknown.
MAT HESTER, 40, Wayland, Ky.
JOE HESTER, 38, Wayland, Ky.
CHARLES MONDAY, 30, Catoosa, Tenn.
ALEX MANN, Catoosa, Tenn.
MATT MULLINS, 30, Catoosa, Tenn.
WILL CARTER, 47, Kingston, Tenn.
George Sylvester, engineer in charge, says the blast may have been caused by a keg of powder. Officials say they are inclined to believe it was due to gas. An investigation is being conducted.

Daily Gazette Xenia Ohio 1917-12-21