Memphis, TN Magazine Explosion, Sept 1864

TERRIBLE EXPLOSION AT MEMPHIS--The Memphis Bulletin has the particulars of the explosion, at that place, of a magazine at Fort Pickering. On the morning of the 13th the magazine of battery A, 3d Regular (colored) Heavy Artillery, located immediately on the river bank at the foot of the bluff, suddenly exploded, producing a concussion felt throughout the greater portion of the city. There were about 800 pounds of powder, besides a number of shells. It is estimated that about 150 shells exploded, the fragments being scattered in all directions. There is no vestige of the magazine left standing, and the ground in the immediate vicinity is ploughed up to the depth of several feet. The casualties were:

Killed--- Private Geo. Washington, Company A, 3d United States, Colored Heavy Artillery, and Thomas Knevals, white Government employee. Wounded--- Sergeant Rice, Company A, 3d United States Colored, Heavy Artillery; David Macklin, Company C, 3d United States Heavy Artillery; and Pat Smidy, a white Government employee. No injury was done to the armament of the fort, and the damages otherwise can speedily be repaired. It has been discovered that the explosion was caused by the accidental discharge of a musket in the hands of a sentry, the charge lodging in a box of cartridges.

The Press, Philadelphia, PA 20 Sept 1864