Memphis, TN Area Steamer DIANA Accident, Apr 1860

Louisville Daily Journal newspaper, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY
Wednesday 18 April 1860

The Accident to The Diana - Two Men Killed
On the Mississippi River about 55 miles above Memphis, TN

The Accident To The Diana
Two Men Killed

From a memorandum forwarded by the attentive clerks of the Diana by railroad from Cairo* we learn that she broke her starboard shaft when 55 miles above Memphis.

We are sorry to have to add that two men were killed by the accident - one named DOCTORMAN, whose residence was Jeffersonville**, and the other named G. W. TAYLOR, who, from a memorandum book found on his body, it is supposed resided in Putnam County, Ohio.

Their effects will be left with Messers. D. S. Benedict & Son on the arrival of the boat here***.

*Cairo, Illinois
**Jeffersonville, IN
***here - Louisville, Jefferson County, KY


Louisville Daily Journal newspaper, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY
Thursday 19 April 1860

It will be remembered that the steamer Diana lately broke her shaft, and that in the fall of a portion of the immense iron mass two deckhands were killed.

This unavoidable accident was the first one that had ever occurred to Capt. E. T. Sturgeon in his long river experience, as he never before had a loss of life on any boat under his command.

The general carelessness which is shown in similar cases, and the almost universal practice of placing dead bodies in rough boxes and shoving them into the bank on the river's edge, to be exhumed at the next rise of the water, are well known.

The conduct of Capt. Sturgeon, on this occasion, was in marked and favorable contrast.

He had neat coffins made for the two unfortunate men, and having landed his boat, he buried them with all proper decency, he himself reading the burial service of the Potestant Eposcopal Church over them.

This shows the worthy Captain is a christian, and will tend to increase the respect and confidence the public already entertains for him.


Louisville Daily Journal newspaper, Louisville, Jefferson County, KY
Monday 23 April 1860


THE undersigned, passengers on the Steamer DIANA during her recent trip from New Orleans to Louisville(KY), take great pleasure in voluntarily testifying to the uniform courtesy and kindness of her Officers.

Our thanks are especially due to Capt. E. T. Sturgeon and his efficient clerks, Messers. O. L. Smith, Forsee, and Woods.

In reference to the accident which occurred on the 16th instant to the Diana, we assure the public that it could not in our opinion have been forseen or guarded against by any of its officers.

It was one of that class of accidents which even the extremest caution and watchfullness could not have prevented.

This opinion we have voluntarily expressed in justice to the officers of the Diana.

And we hesitate not to express the further opinion that no more safe or comfortable boat can be found on the Western waters than the Diana, controlled as she is by a captain and other officers whose vigilance, prudence, and attention to the wants of passengers are unsurpassed.

Jno. M., Harlan, KY
Jno. W., Russel, KY
Natchleon Alexander, KY
Jos. A. Humphreys, KY
Hart Gibson, KY
Cyrus Marrh, Miss.
A. Throckmorton, KY
Henry Saltonstall, Mass.
W. G. Saltonstall, Mass.
J. A. McDowell, KY
H. W. Graves, KY
V. D. Gaetano, KY
W. W. Shannon, Ind.
Jno H. Hanns, KY.
G. A. Sugg, KY
H. H. Buchanan, KY
P. Leonard, KY
A. J. Alexander, KY
Mrs. Mary J. Murdock, N.Y.
Mrs. J. H. Hyde, Ct.
Mrs. Marietta Beale, N. Y.
Mrs. W. W. Shannon, Ind.
R. H. Boqrne, La.
W. W. Welson, KY
A. B. Tarrant, KY
Audem(?) Lynch, Miss.
O. L. Richardson, KY
D. Garrard, KY
W. W. Tate, KY
Alfred Stone, KY
R. A. Bell, KY
Mrs. V. D. Gactano, KY
Mrs. Fred Stanton, Jr., Miss.
Mrs. Suselle Stewart, KY
Mrs. B. J. Adams, KY
Miss Susie Adams, KY
Mrs. Throckmorton, Washington City
Miss Mary Mitchell, Lex. - possibly Lexington, KY
Miss Belle McDowell, KY
Mrs. E. B. Bog----, La. - there is a crease in the bottom
Mrs. J. A Han---reys, KY of the page that was copied
Miss Robinson, N.Y.