Hendersonville, TN Home Fire Roy Orbison's House, Sep 1968

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Hendersonville, Tenn. (AP) -- Fire officials say an aerosol can -- probably containing lacquer -- probably was responsible for the fire which destroyed the $150,000 home of singer Roy Orbison Saturday and claimed the lives of two sons.
The bodies of ROY DUANE ORBISON, 11, and TONY ORBISON, 6, were found in the rubble of the plosh lakeside home in this Nashville suurb where many entertainers live.
Orbison,who has had 12 million-selling records -- ranging from country to pop -- was touring England when the tragedy occurred. He was expected here early today.
Capt. Bill Deering of the Gallatin Fire Department said the fire was followed quickly by an explosion which shook the large house.
"From what we've been able to piece together, the two children who were killed were playing with an aerosol can in the basement of the house when their grandfather, Orbie Orbison, warned them that was dangerous," Derring said.
"The grandfather, we are told, pushed the spray on the can and, to demonstrate the danger, touched his cigarette lighter to the spray," Deering explained.
Fire shot from the can the captain said, and the elder Orbison attempted to rush the two victims and their 3-year-old brother, WESLEY, from the house.

Panama City News Florida 1968-09-16


I also think it sounds more

I also think it sounds more likely, apart from the fact that an aerosole can shouldnt cause an explosion like this, also if that happened i dont think wesley would have stayed in their care.

Fire Kills Roy Orbison's two sons

All three of Roy's sons were playing around a mattress stored in Roy's basement - In that basement there were glues used on Roy's Airfix models as well as cans of gasoline for his Motorcycle collection. Wesley who was three at the time went to alert his Grandparents the mattress had caught fire and was gaining momentum. Gathering the boys together Orbie and Nadine Orbison tried to open the front door but there was a vacuum, In desperation Orbie tried pulling the door lower down whilst Wesley gripped his leg. Finally the door moved but an explosion downstairs pushed Orbie Nadine and young Wesley outside - At the same time the two older boys were sucked back into the basement and perished - This story came via Terry Widlake who worked for Roy as a member of The Art Movement Roy's touring band.
I do not for one second believe Orbie would have been so foolish as to spray an aerosol to make a point - He would have been more concerned in getting the children to safety along with his wife

Wrong spelling of name:

Son's name was Dewayne, not dwayne, please amend :)