Duck River Station, TN Train Collision, July 1886

Among the passengers were LESLIE E. DRAKE, Southern passenger agent of the Missouri Pacific railroad, and CLIFF KENNEDY, traveling passenger agent of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad. These gentlemen did not sustain any injury.
Intelligence of the disaster was telegraphed to Superintendent Geddes, who at once sent the wrecking car to the scene.
When the news reached Columbia the wildest excitement prevailed, and every available horse and vehicle in the city and vicinity was soon on the way to Duck River Station.
The bodies of the victims were removed from the wreck and taken to Columbia, where they are cared for by friends.

The Killed.
HENRY E. LANMAN, engineer of the accomodatin train, forty-seven years old, leaves a widow, who resides in Columbia.
R. F. BROWN, JR., fireman of the accommodation train, twenty-three years of age and single.
THADDEUS D. BEECH, engineer of the wild engine, thirty-seven years of age, single.
PATRICK KING, fireman on the wild engine, twenty-three years old, single.
MONROE W. WILSON, baggage-master on the accommodation train, was twenty-six years old, single.
ALBERT R. ROBINSON, traveling passenger agent of the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago Railroad (Monon route,) twenty-seven years.
MR. THOMPSON, section boss of the Nashville & Florence railroad.
MR. BEECH was considered one of the most reliable engineers in the employ of the company, and the officials are at a loss to account for the accident. It is supposed that BEECH had failed to consult the time-card or his watch. He should have side-tracked his engine and waited for the train to pass.
The dead men were well known and popular, and their untimely fate has caused deep regret.

LATER -- Dispatches received from the wreck state that the boiler of the wild engine exploded when the collision occurred, and that all except LANMAN were so horribly scalded and burned that they could scarcely be identified.

Decatur Daily Republican Iowa 1886-07-21