Memphis, TN Area Steamboat BRANDYWINE Fire, Apr 1832

In this case, as in several others which we have noticed, the number of victims cannot be ascertained with any degree of precision. The following list of the killed, although it is the most complete account that we could obtain, does not, in all probability, comprise more than owe-third of the real number.

CABIN PASSENGERS.--H. Hilyard, H. H. Davenport, — Fowler, and Robert Stothart, Nashville; Mrs, Walker and child ; Mrs. Sparks ; three colored women, and several children.

DECK PASSENGERS.—L. Hamilton, Joseph Ford, Abner Osborne, Byce Jackson, B. Williams, Joseph Leonard, L. Flourney, — Ralls, B. Murell, Martin Cozine, John Myers, H. McMillan, Edward Bebee, John Mortimer, E. Wright, — Marell, John Adams and brother, and W. Downes, Cincinnati ; James Saunders, A. Stansbury, J. Knock, and Adam Abrams, New Orleans ; Mrs, Johnson, Philadelphia ; Miss Thompson, Baltimore ; Miss Hettie Jones, Cincinnati ; William Peters, St Louis ; W. Williams, Chicago; Henry Hull, Detroit; James Ott, Hartford, Connecticut ; D. French, New York ; S. Michael, Missouri ; E. Blanks, Kentucky ; J. Carter, Natchez ; Z. Shires, Boston ; B. Colt, Memphis; Miss Blanton, Mississippi ; Mrs. Williams ; three children of Mr. Thompson, and Ethan Johnstone, Louisiana; and three slaves belonging to the boat.

The number of wounded could not have been less than seventy, some of whom were severely injured, and died, in consequence, soon after. Of those who escaped to the island, some were so badly burned, or otherwise injured, that they survived only for a few hours.

Lloyd's Steamboat Disasters, pages 102-104