Nashville, TN Business Section Fire, Jan 1892


Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 4. -- Ten years ago, in May, the most disastrous fire that Nashville has ever had occurred around the corner of College and Church streets. Saturday another fire burned over the site of the fire of ten years ago, causing a loss of fully $600,000. The fire started in the rear of the store occupied by WEBB, STEVENSON & Co., house furnishers, at 5:50, and was not gotten under control until 10 p.m. Four colored firemen lost their lives. They were fighting the fire at the time, standing on a three story building, occupied by PHILLIPS, BURTOFF & Company. They were pouring a stream of water into the second story building of A. J. WARREN, when it toppled over upon them, crushing them all to death. Their names are as follows:
There is but little doubt the fire was of incendiary origin, as, while fighting the fire, one of the firemen saw an unknown white deliberately set fire to ATWELL & SNEED'S building and immediately jump from the second-story window.
The loss will approximate $650,000. It is impossible to ascertain the insurance, and the figures here given are estimates of losses:
PHILLIPS - BURTOFF manufacturing company, building $15,000, stock $45,000. They are insured for $40,000.
A. J. WEBB, furniture, building $35,000, stock $60,000.
WEBB, STEVENSON & Co., stock, $45,000.
ATWELL & SNEED, furniture, stock $35,000.
A. G. RHODES, stock, $30,000, and the buildings occupied by the three latter firms were worth about $70,000. The NOEL block was occupied by the Western Union Telegraph company and contained about fifty offices and bedrooms. The building cost about $75,000, and the Western Union probably loses $10,000.
PHILLIPS, HOOD & Co., BRADFORD, NICHOL, WARREN Bros., and FREEMAN Wall Paper Company, across College street from the fire, were all damaged by water.
It is difficult to get information from this city on account of the destruction of the Western Union. The operators are crowded at two different depots.
While this fire was in progress, another fire broke out in the WATERS-ALLEN foundry company, corner of Walnut and Union streets and destroyed the plant. Loss about $40,000.

Newark Daily Advocate Ohio 1892-01-04