Clark, SD Two Car Auto Collision, Dec 1956


Clark (UP) - An 18-year-old boy lays in a hospital at Watertown today - unaware he is the only survivor of six passengers of an automobile which collided with another on an ice-glazed highway near Clark Saturday evening.
The crash wiped out a family of five to make it the third most tragic automobile accident this year and one of the six worst of South Dakota history.
Killed in the collision seven miles east of Clark were:
MR. and MRS. VERNON BAGSTEAD; and their three young sons. They were from Pierre and Osakis, Minn.
BAGSTEAD was 31 years old, his wife ROMANIE, 25. The children were 18-months-old BERRY, three-year-old ROBERT, and six-year-old GREGG.

Three Escape.
Injured were BAGSTEAD'S nephew, 18-year-old VERNON VAN VICKIE of Pierre, and 41-year-old WALTER LOGAN of Clark, the only occupant of the other car. ROTH suffered fractures.
VAN VICKIE has not been told that his uncle and aunt and cousins were killed.
They were driving to Osakis to spend the Christmas holiday with Bagstead's parents. The Bagsteads had been living in Pierre the past three weeks while he sought employment. He was a carpenter.

The Daily Plainsman Huron South Dakota 1956-12-24