Bijou Hills, SD Tornado, May 1889


Father and Six Children Killed in South Dakota.

Chamberlin, S. D. May 29. - Word has reached here of a disastrous and fatal tornado which passed over the country in the vicinity of Bijon Hills, 25 miles south of this city, Saturday afternoon, resulting in the death of seven persons and the serious injury of three others.

The killed are CHARLES PETERSON and his six children, ranging in age from 3 to 15 years. The wife and two remaining children were so badly injured they may also die.

The tornado formed in plain view of hundreds of the people, and moved in a southerly course. The first place reached was that of Ara Coden, which was totally destroyed. The storm them destroyed a church and a school house, after which it reached the Peterson place. The dead and injured there were strewn about the premises, all being bruised and mangled in a shocking manner, while the buildings were smashed to splinters.

The tornado next destroyed the Criegor premises, the passed into the range of bills skirting the Missouri river, were it appears to have been dissolved.

The path covered by the storm was only about twenty rods wide and about three miles in length, but everything within that section was completely annihilated.

The wind was accompanied by a heavy fall of rain and hail, the latter being as large as goose eggs.

The News, Frederick, MD


The tornado formed on a section in plain view of hundreds and moved in a southerly course, the first place reached being that of Arf Coden, which was totally destroyed.

This is the first tornado that has ever appeared in this section of the country.

Elbert Count Banner, Elizabeth, CO 2 Jun 1899